Since becoming an editorial consultant & trainer, his services have been utilized many times in China, the Indian sub-continent, Africa and the Middle East.  Recent work has included training Nepalese journalists on election coverage and investigative reporting,  and in Macedonia, assisting independent newspapers and broadcasters.

For nearly two decades,  British editor Martin Huckerby has  trained journalists and advised news organizations across the world.
He is available for short-term assignments and longer projects - his especial interest lies in working inside newspapers and news agencies, advising managements and then training journalists 'on the job'.


Martin Huckerby     Editorial Consultant

A long-time Fleet Street journalist, he spent a dozen years as a reporter and news editor at The Times of London, and later became foreign news editor of the British Sunday newspaper, The Observer.
Then he began an international career, spending several years in post-communist east Europe as the editor of The Prague Post, the Czech Republic's English-language newspaper.

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He is presently involved in a long-running  programme to improve the skills of journalists in Sudan. He has been delivering courses for newspaper executives and for reporters from the press, broadcasting and news agencies, as well as training local media trainers.