Martin Huckerby     Editorial Consultant

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He spent seven months in Afghanistan, in 2004-5, where he was managing editor of the newly-launched national news agency, Pajhwok; he returned there in 2010, to help upgrade Pajhwok's editorial operations.  Later he was back in Kabul again as senior advisor to The Killid Group of radio stations & magazines, and in 2017 returned  to do investigative training  with Internews for USAID.
For the UN, he has been international media consultant for its Parliament and Democracy project in Bangladesh, and was team leader for a UNDP project in Serbia. He has also worked on projects for the European Union, the governments of Great Britain, Germany and the USA, and  private media groups.
In the Middle East, he ran investigative reporting courses in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Jordan, and has also provided training for Al Jazeera Online.

CHINA  He is a specialist on the Chinese media: he had two spells in Beijing training at Xinhua news agency,  and then led a consultancy team with two press groups in South China. Since 2005, he has returned often, initially as editorial director for a human rights project, which published China's first human rights reporting manual.  He then developed a project to advise Chinese media groups on introducing editorial codes of conduct;  he was a speaker at the Third Cultural Industries Expo in Beijing; and later worked in Chongqing training reporters  and information officials.   He also established a training partnership between the UK's Thomson Foundation and Guangzhou Daily, the leading southern newspaper.

Left: Speaking at the Beijing Expo

ACTIVITIES  He has designed and run courses on subjects from newsroom management to ethical standards.  (He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for International Media Ethics, and has been a special representative for the International Press Institute.)  He has also assessed the effectiveness of media development work, acting as the evaluator for a US study of the Knight Foundation's journalism fellowships. His work in the UK has included media training for leading  academics.

NEW MEDIA  For UNESCO, he wrote a guide to the Internet for reporters in developing countries: The Net for Journalists, published 2006 .  Download the book free  HERE but note that the fast changing digital world means much of the content is no longer current!

Commenting at the relaunch of Sudan's English-language newspaper